RVC5 470x470
RVC5 470x470

RVC5 - 5/16″ VCRT Service Port Fitting

Fieldpiece offers versatility with the spare 5/16" port fitting for the VCRT.

- Swap to mini-split systems with the 5/16" fitting
- Includes 5 spare o-rings and storage tube

The VCRT is designed for long-term use with the available, rugged, and easily swappable 5/16" port fittings.


Two reasons why you need the RVC5:

1. Versatility is key

With the 5/16" port fitting, you will not only be able to work on the standard 1/4" service port fittings, but also swap to a 5/16" fitting to work on mini-split systems.

2. Designed to last

If you're in need of a new 5/16" port fitting, there is no need to buy a whole new VCRT! Simply purchase the RVC5, the spare part, and your VCRT is good to go again. On top of that, the 5 spare o-rings and storage tube for the 5/16" have been included so your VCRT, and all its parts, is durable and long-lasting.



  • Zinc-plated brass to easily identify from 1/4″ brass fitting
  • A2L Compatible

Included in package

  • 5/16″ service port fitting for VC2GE, VC1GE, and VC1E
  • Includes 5 spare o-rings & storage tube
RVC5 470x470

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