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VC1GE - 1/4″ and 5/16" Valve Core Removal Tool with Sight Glass

Fieldpiece offers a versatile and rugged VC1GE to help you do your job easier, faster, and better.

- Integrated sight glass to verify engagement of valve core
- Swappable 1/4" and 5/16" service port fittings
- Integrated comfort spinner for easier removal and insertion
- Vacuum-rated to 20 microns
- A2L compatible

With our VC1GE, you can tackle any HVACR with efficiency, accuracy, and comfort all while always ensuring the engagement of the valve core.


Three reasons why you need the VC1GE

1. Accuracy is key

Know you've got it! The VC1GE comes equipped with an Integrated Sight Glass feature to ensure the HVACR engineer to verify that the valve core has been captured prior to closing the ball valve and removing the plunger assembly. Save time and improve the efficiency of your work with this accurate, brand-new feature.

2. Versatile sidekick

Not only is the VC1GE accurate, but it is also super versatile. Swappable port fittings ensure the HVACR technician only needs one VCRT at every job, which reduces the number of tools you need to carry to the job site! The VC1GE has swappable port fittings between 1/4" and 5/16" available. And thanks to the o-ring sealing between the fitting and the VCRT body, you never have to worry about leaks.

3. Convenient on-site

The VC1GE is accurate, versatile, and efficient and now it's time to add convenience to this equation. the comfort spinner, a free-spinning, rubberized cap, ensures less pain and injury on the hands while operating the VCRT. Plus, the overall size of your VCRT is smaller, so you can carry it everywhere on-site. Only take one VCRT on-site: the VC1GE!



  • A2L Compatible
  • Vacuum rating: 20 microns / 0.027 millibar / 0.020 Torr
  • Maximum working pressure: 55 Bar / 800 psi
  • Dimensions: 13 cm x 6 cm
  • Weight: 322 g

Included in package

  • 1/4″ Female service port fitting standard, 5/16” fitting optional
  • 1/4” Male side port with removable valve core


Manual VC1GE

Manual VC1GE

Manual VC1GE - Turkish

Manual VC1GE - Turkish

IMG 4401

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