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Ambassador Program

That’s right. At Fieldpiece, we are looking for HVACR-enthusiasts to join our ambassador program and represent our brand.

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Your main duty as an ambassador is to go out into the field to train others on the Fieldpiece family of products. To do so, you will become an expert of your own through the training you will receive from the Fieldpiece team.

Being a Fieldpiece ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your network of HVACR industry peers. On top of that, you will be able to work closely—maybe the closest— with Fieldpiece as a brand and the Fieldpiece tools. The title of ‘Fieldpiece Ambassador’ will not only bring you benefits when it comes to the tools but the esteem and pride of being a part of an elite group of trainers could really boost your career into a new level! And not to mention, there will be monetary compensation for the time you spend training Fieldpiece newbies on our tools, as well as compensation for the travel fee.

Are you or do you know the right person for the Fieldpiece ambassadorship? Reach out to us below and learn all about the benefits of representing Fieldpiece!

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