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Are you looking for a fun opportunity to better the HVACR industry and do you love to work with Fieldpiece products? If so, the Fieldpiece test program might be it for you!

Join our beta tester program:

Fieldpiece is always looking for ways to do things easier, faster, and better. Since 1990, we have gone out into the field, together with the technician, to see firsthand what the professionals in the field experience during their day. And by using that information, we know exactly what the latest needs and demands are in the industry and we develop our Fieldpiece tools so they meet the demands of the HVACR technicians. But now, we’re ready to take your involvement in developing our tools to the next level!

Meet our beta tester program: an initiative where you— the technician— can work closely with the newest, unreleased products of Fieldpiece. In this network of qualified and passionate technicians in the HVACR industry, professionals will have the opportunity to start working with developing products and help shape the way our tools function.


The beta tester program does not only mean you get to work closely with Fieldpiece and the Fieldpiece products, but it also means that you get to grow your network of HVACR peers all while being a part of developing premium tools. The beta testers get to explore the Fieldpiece products by taking a hands-on approach to learning which in turn, will give Fieldpiece unique and exclusive insights into the quality of the products!

Shaping the future of the HVACR industry has been our mission since we started developing products for the HVACR professional. Right now, this could become your mission as well. By joining our beta tester program, you are able to shape the future of the Fieldpiece products by helping us find out how the tools benefit you in your daily life, but also how the tools could be improved.

Your feedback means the world to us. Your feedback is our world. The HVACR technician is at the center of our universe and this new program will help us help you better. If you are looking for an awesome opportunity to better the HVACR industry and an opportunity to work with the Fieldpiece products? This is the right place for you.

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