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Our mission: design the best tools for the HVACR technicians

From the humble beginnings in the founder's garage in 1990 to the international company Fieldpiece is today, the mission stayed the same. Design instruments that HVACR professionals can trust to help them do more. Every day.
DR82 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

A simple premise to start with

At Fieldpiece, our goal was never to be a leader in the industry. In fact, we started with the idea that every HVACR professional in the field needs the best tools possible.

It’s a simple premise and one that we’ve held close as we grew into a best-in-class innovator of industry-leading tools for HVACR pros over the last 30+ years.

Always looking for better ways

Each member of the Fieldpiece team is an inquisitive explorer dedicated to looking for better ways to do things. In fact, Fieldpiece started when our founder, Rey Harju, had a vision for a stick meter with detachable heads that technicians could swap out to take different readings. Nothing like it existed yet: it was a huge hit.

But how do we know what techs in the field need? It's simple. We’re out there in the field with them every day. There is no disconnect between the engineers in our building and the professionals in the field. When we develop a new feature or roll-out a new product, it’s because we know it will solve a problem the technicians deal with every day. Completely in line with our mission, we design the best tools that professionals need and can trust.