Find out how we are building a lasting legacy every day.

Our Mission

Helping every single HVACR technician do their job easier, faster, and better is what drives us every day. From the very start of the company to right now, and from the United States to Europe, our mission has stayed the same.

Wireless tools

"Making your job easier, faster, and better. Every day!"

We’ve started out with the idea that every HVACR professional needs the best tools to work with, and we’ve kept to that promise. We will keep this promise in the future too. Our brand is built on the commitment to the technician and the dedication to always ensure the technician has the best tools available. We still believe in this mission, and we will continue to develop our products, people, and organization so all HVACR technicians’ lives become even easier, faster, and better than right now.

Our mission might be our goal, but our core values allow us to get there. These core values are what makes Fieldpiece, Fieldpiece. See here what we stand for.

What we stand for

Our core values


Tools designed for technicians, by technicians. With our sole focus on the HVACR industry, we direct all our attention toward the needs and desires of the HVACR professionals, allowing us to develop and design revolutionary tools to make your job easier, faster, and better. Read more about our innovations here.


Reliability in our tools, people, and organization. From highly accurate measurement tools to fast and committed service, Fieldpiece wants to support you in every part of your job. Find out more about how we do this here.


Our tools are made to last. We strive to provide high-quality services and tools that meet and exceed your expectations. Check out our full portfolio of tools here.