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Our history

Discover our journey, the milestones we’ve achieved, and the story of Fieldpiece.

Everything big has to start somewhere small. A little over 30 years ago— in 1990 to be exact— Fieldpiece started in a garage. It’s not the first story that started in a garage, but we do believe it’s a special one.

Our founder, Rey Harju, had a vision for a stick meter with detachable heads: nothing similar existed yet. After three years of developing, testing, redeveloping, and testing again, the HS24 stick meter was ready to revolutionize the industry. Those detachable heads would significantly decrease the time needed on any HVACR job, making the lives of the technicians easier, faster, and better.

And we’ve stuck with that same mission ever since. After 1990, we have developed game-changing tools, like the SMAN Digital Manifolds, the Job Link® System, our Rapid Rail™ Sensor Technology, and more, forever redefining the HVACR industry. Keeping our mission but developing with the ever-changing needs and demands of the HVACR professionals and industry is what we believe makes us special. We’re here for easier, better, and faster tools. We’re here for the industry. We’re here for you.

Want to know more about the what, when, how, and where? Swipe through our timeline.

Founding Fieldpiece


0001 1991 Rey First Patent
Rey's first patent

Always inquisitive, Rey developed a new, more accurate way to measure pipe temperatures. With the ATH4 dual temperature accessory head, two temperatures can be measured at the same time.


Second generation stick meter

The new and improved stick multimeter, the HS26, was launched. This durable piece offered modular expandability too.


0005 1995 SC64
Loaded clamp meter

The SC64 launched in 1995. This was a versatile clamp meter so technicians didn't need to carry so many different tools anymore.


0008 2002 ASH2
Innovation after innovation

Between 1995 - 2002, many new products were developed expanding the Fieldpiece portfolio for the HVACR industry. For example, the ASH2, a superheat accessory head which gave technicians the ability to quickly measure superheat instead of just winging it with the "beer can cold" method.


0009 2003 HS36
Third generation stick meter

Fieldpiece is always improving their tools and the best example is the innovation of the meter that started all of this. The HS36 is the third generation, an expandable true RMS stick multimeter with a backlight.


0010 2004 ST4
Dual temperature meter

A rugged tool which measures two readings while offering superior temperature compensation in rapidly changing environments, that is our ST4.


0011 2005 SC77
True RMS Clamp meter

Our clamp meter was also improved often. In 2005, the SC77 was launched: one of our most popular digital multimeters equipped with virtually every parameter for HVACR electrical testing.


0012 2006 ASX14 24 SRC product
Superheat & subcooling accessory heads

The multimeters have a variety of interchangeable accessory heads. In 2006, the ASX14 and ASX24 were added to the portfolio. These multimeters allowed technicians to automatically calculate superheat and subcooling in one accessory head.


0013 2007 SRL2 K7
Advanced leak detection

The SRL2K7 is a true Fieldpiece innovation. Up until 2007, it was the best refrigerant leak detector the world had seen.


0019 2010 SMAN3
Introduction of the SMAN® Digital Manifold

The SMAN3 and SMAN4 laid the foundations for the industry leading digital manifolds.


0021 2012 SRH3 STA2 Γ Çô In Duct Diagnostic
Introducing slim probes

The SRH3, an in-duct diagnostic psychrometer, and the STA2, a hot-wire anemometer, quickly measure wet bulb and dew points in a variety of locations with their slim probes.


0022 2013 SCM4 SRC product
Standalone CO detector

A field-replaceable CO sensor, this device measures quickly. It is even fast enough for walk-around tests.


0023 2014 2nd gen SMAN
Second generation SMAN® Digital Manifold

Always improving, innovation is in the heart and soul of Fieldpiece. This is proven by the next generation SMAN® Digital manifold which were the most advanced refrigerant manifolds on the market.


0025 2015 Job Link
Launch of Job Link® app

Our first app that tracks and measures multiple measurements from multiple locations in real-time.


History MR45
Introducing the world's fastest recovery machine

The MR45 is portable, lightweight and can adjust its motor performance to handle liquid and run twice as fast on vapour.


0029 2018 VP85
Introducing our vacuum pumps

In order to provide all the tools technicians need, Fieldpiece designed their own vacuum pumps. Of course, our vacuum pumps have to be a state-of-the-art devices that give technicians the ability to perform a quick and clean oil change.


0030 2019 Enter the European market
United Kingdom office

Fieldpiece is expanding fast; technicians all over the world want to work with our tools. First stop: an office in England to support our UK customers and channel partners.


SM480 Refrigerant Manifold 4-port
Third generation SMAN® Digital Manifold

If we can make it better, we will. By listening to the technicians in the field, we know how to best improve our tools to help the HVACR industry. A great example of this is our SMAN® Digital Manifold, a tool improved after engaging with people in the field.


IMG 5580
European head office and warehouse

Our European team is growing fast. With a strategic placed new head office and warehouse in The Netherlands our team is able to support our EMEA customers and channel partners even better.


TC48 Large Pipe clamp
Worlds' largest pipe clamp

Launching the world's largest pipe clamps: the TC48 and the JL3LC.

At Fieldpiece we are always looking for the next best thing.


Vacuum Pumps 02 300dpi
Launching 3 new products

First our improved leak detectors, an outstanding vacuum gauge and then three innovation vacuum pump models in 2021 (6CFM, 8CFM and 10CFM).


That's not the end!

We won't stop here! In 2024 we have more new products coming your way. Stay tuned.