Make your work easier, faster, and better!

The Fieldpiece Starter Kit

Did you recently become an official HVACR technician? Are you looking for the best tools for your new job? If the answer to these questions is yes, Fieldpiece can help you!

Certification in refrigeration and air conditioning is a big deal, and it's very important for every technician to have good tools for the job. The number of available tools and brands can be a bit overwhelming when you just enter the business. Which tools are there, and which ones do you really need? To help you with these decisions, Fieldpiece offers a starter kit for all certified HVACR technicians to make the job easier, faster, and better!

Of course, all products are A2L compatible and with the Job Link® system you can connect tools wirelessly over a larger area for quick measurements and analysis.

The starter kit includes the Fieldpiece vacuum pump, available in 6CFM, 8CFM, and 10CFM, the SR47INT wireless refrigerant scale, the SMAN® digital manifold, the MR45EU recovery unit, the MG44 wireless vacuum gauge, electrical clamp meters, a Job Link® set and a set of hoses. All Fieldpiece products are developed with the technician in mind, offering you a wide range of tools that every technician will benefit from.

Below, you can find which products you need to get you started. Would you like to learn how to use our products? You can find product overviews, interesting facts, and instruction videos on our YouTube channel.

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Fieldpiece VPX7 06203
Vacuum Pumps

Fieldpiece offers high performance Vacuum Pumps that cut evacuation time.

- RunQuick™ Oil Change System to change oil in less than 20 seconds;

- 4 in-line ports for easy hose connection;

- A2L compatible.

Our Vacuum Pumps have been designed to easily and quickly perform a vacuum on a system.

Fieldpiece SR47 01228
SR47INT Wireless Refrigerant Scale

Fieldpiece offers robust and high performing Refrigerant Scales.

- 300m wireless range and up to 114kg;

- 10g resolution;

- 3 ways to view: handheld remote, Job Link® app and wireless manifold;

- robust weatherproof rating (IP54).

The SR47INT is an easy-to-use scale designed for bigger and flat refrigerant tanks.

Fieldpiece SM480 06431
SMAN® Digital Manifolds

Fieldpiece offers state-of-the-art Digital Manifolds.

- Support A1, A2L and A3 refrigerants;

- Integrate with Job Link® tools;

- Temperature compensated system tightness test;

- Weather resistant heavy duty design.

Our Digital Manifolds can work with complex HVACR systems and integrate with the Job Link® tools, ensuring you have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Fieldpiece MR45 06219
MR45EU Digital Recovery Machine

Our MR45 is the highest performance recovery machine in its class on the market.

- Automatically adjust motor performance to gain time;

- Lightweight design of only 10kg; & A2L compatible;

- Easy to use because of the single dial valve and LCD display.

Our Recovery Machine ensures that you can work as efficiently and quickly as possible at every job.

Fieldpiece MG44 Gecomprimeerd 2700 PX 01005
MG44 Wireless Vacuum Gauge

Rugged, accurate and wireless.

- 300m wireless range;

- 60 bar overpressure;

- Three ways to view measurements: Job Link® app, Digital Manifold, and the MG44 screen.

Our Wireless Vacuum Gauge gives you accurate and fast measurements as a stand-alone tool, and performs at a high level in combination with the other Job Link® tools as well.

Fieldpiece SC680 Gecomprimeerd 2700 PX 00068
Electrical Clamp Meters

Our SC680INT is packed with everything you need to install, service, and troubleshoot any HVACR system.

- Job Link® integration with a 300m wireless range;

- Rotatable head;

- Ability to do power measurements, True RMS, AC/DC Amps & Non Contact Voltage;

- In-build dual temperature.

The SC680INT is specifically designed for the HVACR industry so your electrical measurements are exactly the information you need on site. Find all the Electrical Clamp Meter models here.

Fieldpiece JL3 KH6 INT Gecomprimeerd 2700 PX 00928
Job Link® Wireless Tools

Quick service checks just got quicker.

- All tools have 300m wireless connection to the Job Link® app;

- All probes have an easy-to-use indicator switch (red/blue);

- Automatic on-board datalogging is available on each tool.

Our Job Link® System Kits reduce service check times, ensuring you can do more in less time.

Hoses 467x449 MIX

Fieldpiece offers a premium-grade hose sets to use with the Fieldpiece products.

- Small hose fittings to access tight spaces;

- Triple "ring" crimp for long-term reliability;

- A1 and A2L refrigerants compatible.

With the Fieldpiece hoses, you can charge, recover, and evacuate all HVACR units.