VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM
VP67 Vacuum pump 6 CFM

VP67 - 6 CFM Vacuum Pump

Fieldpiece offers high performance 6 CFM vacuum pumps that cut evacuation time.

- Lightweight and portable design of 13 kg;

- RunQuick™ Oil Change System to ensure quick oil change;

- 15 microns ultimate vacuum;

- 4 in-line ports for easy hose connection;

- A2L compatible.

Our 6CFM Vacuum Pump easily and quickly performs a vacuum on a system to cut evacuation time.


Four reasons why you need our VP67

1. Do your job faster with our RunQuick™ Oil Change System

Clean oil matters. You–the technician– understand the importance of clean oil, but also the hassle that task usually comes with. With our RunQuick™ Oil Change System, we’ve taken away the inconvenience of changing the oil and we have made it possible for you to switch the oil in your vacuum pump in 20 seconds or less without powering down or losing vacuum. And, through the large oil reservoir, you can easily view the condition of your oil in an instant as well as store an extra oil container for on-site. No mess, quick change, fast vacuum. That’s our VP67.

2. Lightweight and portable powerhouse

Designed to handle the demands of any job, the VP67 is still light enough to be carried anywhere on site. With only 13 kg, this Fieldpiece vacuum pump is a light, but still tough one and is compatible with A2L refrigerants!

3. Four in-line ports

Four in-line ports to make sure you have plenty of room to easily run multiple hoses. Because of the strategically placed ports, tangled hoses and clutter around your vacuum pump is in the past. Work efficiently with our VP67 and easily connect hoses of ¼”, ⅜”, and ½”.

4. Easy-to-use gas ballast

To engage or disengage the gas ballast valve, simply turn the lever to whatever side is needed. This lever style system ensures that you can easily and quickly change the gas ballast, to make your job easier, better, and faster.



  • Flow Rate: 6CFM
  • A2L certified
  • Oil Capacity: 237ml
  • Oil Compatibility: Fieldpiece Vacuum Pump Oil (Highly refined and optimized for proper sealing and lubrication)Fieldpiece part numbers: OIL8X3, OIL32, OIL128
  • Oil Backlight: Blue LED
  • Oil Drain: Ball valve
  • Port Sizes: (1) 1/4”, (2) 3/8”, (1) 1/2”
  • Compressor: Rotary vane, two stage
  • Motor: 1/2 HP AC
  • RPM: 3440
  • Power Source:
  • 120/230 VAC selectable @ 50/60 Hz 1 phase (VP67UK, VP67EU)
  • 230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz 1 phase (VPX7EU, VPX7UK230, VP87EU, VP87UK230)
  • Nominal Current Draw:
  • 2 AAC (VPX7EU, VPX7UK230, VP87EU, VP87UK230, VP67 @ 230V)
  • 5 AAC (VP67 @120V)
  • Ultimate Vacuum at Input Ports: 15 microns
  • Dimensions: 201 mm x 296 mm x 406 mm
  • Weight: 13.2 kg
  • Operating Environment: -1.1°C to 50°C

Included in package

  • VP67 Vacuum Pump
  • 2x 237ml oil
  • Appropriate plug based on country


Manual VP67

Manual VP67

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

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