JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer
JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer
JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer
JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer
JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer
JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer

JL3MNINT - Manometer – Single Port Wireless

Fieldpiece offers a high-quality manometer.

- 300m wireless range;

- Job Link ® connection;

- Convenient, short hoses for precise placement;

- All-in-one static, gas and draft pressure.

With the JL3MNINT Manometer, you can precisely place your probe and receive accurate and real-time measurements through the Job Link® connection.


Three reasons why you need the JL3MNINT Manometer

1. Untethered and tangle-free

As part of the Job Link® system, this Fieldpiece manometer allows you to work the way you want to. The strong magnet ensures you can place your probe directly on the test port and the short tubes offer tangle-free work.

2. Wireless design

After you've conveniently and accurately placed your manometer, simply watch the measurements come in on your Job Link® application for real-time, efficient, and accurate work with a 300m wireless range. Reliable measurements are right in the palm of your hand from anywhere on-site!

3. Versatile companion

The JL3MNINT is your best versatile companion on-site, it performs all-in-one static, gas and draft pressure readings. Plus, the strong metal tip can be used with different sizes of tubing!



  • Minimum Device Requirement: BLE 4.0 devices running iOS® 7.0 or Android™ 5.0 (Latest compatibility at www.fieldpiece.com)
  • Compatible Media: Dry, non-corrosive gas
  • Pressure Port: Tube connector for flexible tubing (4.5 to 8mm ID)
  • Units of Measure: inWC, mmWC, mbar, psi, Pa
  • Accuracy and Ranges:
  • inWC: ±0.02 on 0.00 to ±2.00 (±1.5% FS on 2.00 to ±60.00);
  • mmWC: ±0.5 on 0.0 to ±51.0 (±1.5% FS on 51.0 to ±1500.0);
  • mbar: ±0.05 on 0.00 to ±5.00 (±1.5% FS on 5.00 to ±150.00);
  • psi: ±0.001 on 0.000 to ±0.072 (±1.5% FS on 0.072 to ±2.165);
  • Pa: ±5 on 0 to 498 (±1.5% FS on 498 to ±14930)
  • Maximum Overload Pressure: 321.08 inWC (11.6 psi; 80.0 kPa)
  • Battery Type: 2 x AAA, NEDA 24A, IEC LR03
  • Battery Life: 150 hours typical alkaline. LED slow-blinks red when battery replacement is needed
  • Auto Power Off: 2 hours (APO can be disabled)
  • Wireless Range: 300 meters line of sight – obstructions affect distance
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Operating Environment: -23°C to 50°C at <75% RH
  • Storage Temperature: -23°C to 60°C at <80% RH (with batteries removed)
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per 1°C (-23°C to 18°C, 28°C to 50°C)
  • Weight: 137 g

Included in package

  • (1) JL3MN Manometer Probe
  • (1) ASP2 Static Pressure Probe and Hose
  • (1) Brass Screw Fitting with Extra Hose
  • (1) Slide Gas Adapter
  • (2) AAA Batteries


Manual JL3MN

Manual JL3MN

JL3KM2 Single Port Manometer

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