Fieldpiece SM480 09602

SMAN ® Truth or Myth

“Busted!” or “It’s true!” are expressions we hear on the many TV shows and YouTube videos that are built around fact or made-up beliefs. Fun to watch, and even more fun to find out whether some things are real or not.

Next up in our Truth or Myth series is the Digital Manifold! The SM380VINT and the SM480VINT are the two digital manifolds that Fieldpiece offers. These tools can be considered the heart of every job and are important to efficiently and accurately troubleshoot and diagnose a system.

How well do you know our Digital Manifolds?


The SM380VINT & SM480VINT have an IP52 Rating.


Wrong! The SMAN® Digital Manifolds actually come equipped with an IP54 to ensure you can take it anywhere on-site—from the roof to the basement.

The SM380VINT & SM480VINT have a 300m wireless connection.

True! As part of the Job Link® system, the SMANs® have a 300m wireless range to ensure you can find real-time, accurate measurements right on your Digital Manifold.

The SM480VINT is better than the SM380VINT.

Not at all! The only difference between the two models is the number of ports on the manifold! The SM380VINT comes with 3 ports whereas the SM480VINT is a 4-port model. This way, engineers can choose their preferred model!

The SR47 Refrigerant Scale connects to the Digital Manifolds.

True! Just like the JL3RH Psychrometer, the JL3PC Pipe Clamp, the SRS3 refrigerant scales, and the MG44 Vacuum Gauge, the SR47 connects with our Digital Manifolds. Easily streamline your process with the Fieldpiece tools!