Fieldpiece SM480 09602
Built for Any Job, Any Weather!

Weather-Resistant SMAN® Digital Manifolds

When you're on-site, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your tools can handle the elements. That’s why our SMAN® Digital Manifolds are designed to be your reliable companion, no matter the weather conditions.

Fieldpiece SM480 06425

Our SMAN® Digital Manifolds come with an impressive IP54 rating. But what does that mean for you? An IP54 rating signifies that our Digital Manifolds are designed to resist dust and water sprays; they can withstand those unexpected splashes and sprays you encounter on the job. Dust? No problem. Light rain or a bit of spray from a hose? Bring it on.

Whether you're working on a rooftop in the rain or down in a dusty basement, our SMAN® Digital Manifolds won't let you down. Their rugged design ensures they keep performing accurately, providing you with the data you need without the worry of environmental damage.

In the HVACR industry, it’s crucial to have tools that will help you do your job easier, faster, and better. Our SMAN® Digital Manifolds, with their IP54 rating, are built to handle the elements, ensuring you can rely on them in any weather. From rooftops to basements, take your SMAN® Digital Manifolds wherever the job requires, knowing they are up to the challenge.

Fieldpiece SM480 09604