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Meet our highlighted partners of the month

Highlighted partners in April

We’re back with a brand-new feature to highlight our partners for you to get to know! Every month, we will introduce partners across all regions to ensure you can get your Fieldpiece tools easier, faster, and better.

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In April, we would like to introduce you to Plusfroid. Located in Portugal, Plusfroid has played an important role in supplying HVACR tools to HVACR engineers for 20 years. Offering customers the latest technologies and high-quality tools is the top priority for this HVACR distributor, but the amazing service can also not be forgotten. Besides those tools, it is the highest importance for Plusfroid to process requests and orders as soon as possible, to help every HVACR engineer in the best way. At Fieldpiece, we value Plusfroid’s mission and their efforts to support all HVACR professionals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Plusfroid for the latest advice and the fastest service!

Entrade AS

Next up is Entrade AS! Entrade AS is located in Norway and is a very knowledgeable partner of ours. Since 2005, Entrade AS has been a prominent supplier in the HVACR industry, with a focus on equipment and accessories for installing and maintenance of split systems. At Fieldpiece, we appreciate a partner like Entrade AS. With their team of knowledgeable employees, with broad and lots of experience in the HVACR industry, Entrade AS can always ensure the best service paired with the best equipment. Looking for your next best HVACR tools? Entrade AS is the answer!


Our last partner for you this month is Dayan! Dayan is located in Israel and has been operating in the HVACR industry since 1962. With a team of over 50 employees and a catalogue of over 6000 products, Dayan ensures they can help every HVACR professional easier, faster, and better. On top of offering high-quality products and service, Dayan also hosts seminars and trainings for HVACR technicians and provides technical support by experienced engineers. If you have any question about the HVACR industry, Dayan will be able to answer it!