VP Gallon Oil 128
VP Gallon Oil 128

OIL128 - Vacuum Pump Oil 3.8 liter (gallon)

Fieldpiece offers oil you can truly count on.

- Designed to work with our RunQuick™ Oil Change System;

- Wide temperature range;

- Large, one-gallon (3,8L) container of oil;

- Highly refined for consistent performance.

The OIL128 performs at the highest level in all the Fieldpiece vacuum pumps.


Three reasons why you need the OIL128 Vacuum Pump Oil:

1. Designed to work with our Vacuum Pumps

All our Vacuum Pumps work with the RunQuick™ Oil Change system. This allows you to change the oil in twenty seconds or less without powering down or losing vacuum. The OIL128 has been designed to perfectly work with the RunQuick™ Oil System.

2. Perform in any condition

Because of the wide temperature range, the OIL128 can perform at its best under any conditions.

3. Consistent performance

The highly-refined oil is made to perform. The OIL128 ensures proper sealing and lubrication with all your vacuum needs.


Included in package

  • OIL128 – Vacuum Pump Oil (3,8L)


Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

VP Gallon Oil 128

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