Hoses HCT6 490x358
Hoses HCT6 490x358

HCT6 - Spare Hose Color Tags

Fieldpiece offers convenient spare hose color tags;

- A2L compatible;

- 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow tags.

With the Fieldpiece color tags, you can easily and quickly mark your hoses, ensuring you always have a clear overview of your hoses on site.


Two reasons why you need the HCT6 Spare Hose Color Tags:

1. Clear overview

Because of the different colors provided in the set, you can customize your hoses any way you want them to make sure you have a clear overview on site. The tags come in red, yellow, and blue and it's up to you to decide what is the easiest way to use them.

2. Made for any job

The Spare Hose Color Tags are compatible with A2L refrigerants, allowing you to use the tags on the Fieldpiece tools without a problem.



  • A2L Compatible

Included in package

  • 2x Red tags
  • 2x Blue tags
  • 2x Yellow tags
Hoses HCT6 490x358

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