Fieldpiece VCRT 08066

What’s a Valve Core Removal Tool?

Fieldpiece recently added a brand-new tool to the portfolio: the Valve Core Removal Tool. An exciting addition to our Fieldpiece family of products with many benefits for the technician on-site to ensure you can do your work more efficiently and more accurately. But, what is a Valve Core Removal Tool exactly? And how does having a VCRT in your tool bag make your work easier, faster, and better? We’re here to help you find those answers.

Fieldpiece VCRT 08073

A valve core removal tool, as the name suggests, removes the inner core of a service port without losing the refrigerant charge. The VCRT is used as part of the vacuum and recovery process and serves as an intermediate tool between the vacuum pump/recovery machine, the hoses, and the refrigeration system. Why is the removal of said inner core so important for your job? Well, a valve core can actually block up to 90% of the flow through the valve, which can result in much longer vacuum and recovery times.

For example: performing an evacuation with a valve core still in the service port can make a 10CFM Vacuum Pump turn into a 1CFM Vacuum Pump due to the ‘blocker’ in the system, which in turn leads to a large decrease in flow through the valve. This means that because of that valve core, the time it takes you to perform a vacuum, increases significantly. Using the VCRT leads to the best practice of recovering, evacuating, and charging systems easier, faster, and better.

A Valve Core Removal Tool allows you to use your Vacuum Pump with maximum efficiency and at full capacity. On top of that, your VCRT (with integrated sight glass) also allows you to view the condition of your refrigerant when you are charging or recovering the system to check whether it’s liquid or vapor.

Interested in knowing more about the use of a VCRT? Reach out to your local distributor to get to know the Fieldpiece VCRTs and enjoy the benefits of having a VCRT on-site with you!