SM380 and SM480 - Manifold

Truth or Myth?

“Busted!” or “It’s true!” are expressions we hear on the many TV shows and YouTube videos that are built around fact or made-up beliefs. Fun to watch, and even more fun to find out whether some things are real or not.
SR47 In Situ 01

The last product we’re going to be talking about in this Truth or Myth series is our newest refrigerant scale. In the previous posts, we have talked about the MR45 and the VPX7.

The SR47INT is our newest refrigerant scale used during installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning systems. This scale measures the weight of liquid or vapor refrigerant—knowing the exact amount of refrigerant needed for a system is crucial for doing the job right.

So, let’s play our last game of Truth or Myth! Do you know all the answers?


The battery life of the SR47INT is 150 hours.


Myth! The battery life of the SR47INT is even better: 200+ hours when fully charged. It could literally last all week.

The platform is 27 centimeter.

Myth! A measuring platform does not have enough surface area for large refrigerant tanks. With a 33 centimeter platform, all refrigerant tanks can be fit easily onto the SR47INT, providing convenience and comfort for the technician.

The combined weight of scale, case, and wireless remote is 3,19 kilograms.

Truth! From residential systems to rooftop units, the SR47INT can be easily transported anywhere. Lugging around heavy scales is in the past now.

You can take out the SR47INT in any weather condition as the scale is water resistant.

Truth! With an IP54 rating for wet conditions, the SR47INT is meant to be used during all weather conditions. The job doesn’t have to wait!