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Exciting news!

The Fieldpiece hoses

It’s another day of exciting news at Fieldpiece! We have launched a new product to make your life easier, faster, and better: the Fieldpiece hoses.
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We have designed the hoses with the HVACR technician in mind and the new products include premium-grade charging hoses as well as vacuum hoses, with accompanying accessories and a variety of fittings.

With small hose fittings to access tight spaces, a triple ring crimp for long-term reliability, and compatibility with all A1 and A2L refrigerants, the hoses are perfect for any job. Every day, we strive to design tools that significantly improve your job. With the recent launch of the hoses, we think we are one step closer to reaching our goal.

It’s an exciting time here at Fieldpiece and we truly believe that the hoses will make your life easier, faster, and better. The Fieldpiece hoses are all a perfect fit to the other Fieldpiece tools and come equipped with great benefits to you, your job, and ultimately, your customer.

Interested in the Fieldpiece hoses? Reach out to your local distributor or read more details here.