Partner of the month: Reiss Kälte-Klima GmbH & Co. KG

It’s February already? That calls for our newest Partner of the Month.
Picture Reiss

In February, we have chosen Reiss Kälte-Klima as our partner of the month. Reiss Kälte-Klima has been in the HVACR industry for over 60 years and continues to be an important distributor in Germany and Austria.

Dedication, reliability and meeting the industry’s demands are at the core of Reiss Kälte-Klima. And these are exactly the values that Fieldpiece focuses on too. As partners in the HVACR industry, our ways of working have aligned and proven to be a huge success.

If you need anything HVACR related, Reiss Kälte-Klima’s got you. With over 17 locations all over Germany and Austria, there’s always a Reiss close to you to help you with all things HVACR. An expert team of employers is always at the customer’s disposal to help with small and big refrigeration and air conditioning questions and problems. Thank you Reiss Kälte-Klima for your continued support. We are excited to continue our partnership into 2023 and many years to come!

A little more background

In our partner of the month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners who we think deserves that extra bit of spotlight that month. A simple note of recognition and thankfulness is at the base of our partner of the month post. Fieldpiece wouldn’t be anywhere without our channel partners and we want to emphasize our gratitude through these posts.