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Product Highlight: Job Link® System

Early mornings, late evenings, lots of waiting around for measurements, running from one place to another on-site: lots of HVACR technician would recognize this daily. The Fieldpiece Job Link® system is designed to help you work more efficiently on-site so your mornings can be a little later and your evenings a little earlier.

Job Link

The Job Link® system works with our wireless products to ensure the seamless integration of all the tools hooked up to the system. The Job Link® System includes tooling such as: wireless clamps, wireless probes, wireless digital manifolds, wireless vacuum gauges and wireless refrigerant scales.

A standout feature of this system is its ability to deliver live measurements of the HVACR system in real-time. Running around on-site to write down measurements, moving your tools to get information from different parts of the system, and delayed information is in the past. Technicians can access precise data directly on their SMAN® Digital Manifold or via the Job Link® application on mobile or tablet devices. Job Link® truly brings the measurements directly to the technician, ensuring they can make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Moreover, Job Link® offers accessibility from anywhere on-site. With a wireless range of up to 300 meters, technicians can generate instant customer reports, complete with a polished, professional appearance. From detailed system diagnostics to comprehensive job details, technicians can send out reports on-site within seconds. Furthermore, Job Link® offers an automatic invoice option, simplifying the billing process and enabling technicians to create and send custom invoices directly from the app.

The Job Link® system sets a new standard for your job and your customers as well, offering a seamless, integrated solution that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism. By providing real-time measurements, ensuring accessibility, and facilitating professional reporting, Job Link® empowers technicians to elevate their performance and deliver awesome results for their customers.

Visit your nearest distributor to find out how Job Link® could help you do your job easier, faster, and better.