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Murat Adakoy

Meet the Team: Murat

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

Murat Adakoy

In October, it’s Murat’s turn. Murat—aka El Profesor for those who have watched La Casa de Papel— is our Regional Sales Manager for many countries in the Middle East. With 8 years of experience here at Fieldpiece, Murat is one of the veterans of Fieldpiece Europe.

“I started out my professional career as an environmental engineer so I have always been interested in energy and the energy market,” Murat starts to explain. “The HVACR market spoke to me because there is a never-ending need for safe air quality and air regulation, plus, HVACR technicians are always looking for new technology and that’s something I align myself with too.” As one of our longest-standing employees, Murat has built the foundation for the organization we are today. He explained that he found Fieldpiece while looking for the newest technology in the HVACR market, and the innovation and design of the tools immediately caught his attention.

Even though the tools are a big part of why Murat loves his job, the most important thing to him is the multicultural aspect of his day-to-day activities. “As a regional sales manager, I’m responsible for multiple countries. On a daily basis, I interact with people from many different regions, cultures, and countries, in many different languages,” Murat explains. “That multicultural environment I find myself in with the market is also reflected in our team. We are an international organization and I love connecting with people from different countries, it’s really awesome.”

These people from different countries– the Fieldpiece members– have started to become, as Murat mentioned, his family. But also Murat has gotten to know the Fieldpiece family of products very well. His favorite product? “The MR45 helps with the protection of the environment by keeping the refrigerant and not releasing it into the atmosphere. I feel like I am helping the environment and decreasing global warming by doing the best I can to get more people to use the MR45,” Murat says, “it’s the environmental engineer in me, I’m always looking to help the environment.” He finishes with a smile.

Murat has been here since the very start of Fieldpiece Europe and continues to make the organization better every single day. Responsible for many countries in Eastern Europe, Murat takes on any challenge with commitment and dedication. We love having Murat on our team and we cannot wait where he will bring us in the future!