Group picture Nijmegen March 2022
Nanet Meijer

Meet the team: Nanet

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

We hope you know who Fieldpiece is as a brand —and if not, our mission will explain it all— but we thought it was time to show you who is behind the Fieldpiece brand. In this new series of posts, we want to highlight a Fieldpiece team member every month for you to get to know better. First up: Nanet Meijer.

Nanet is our Inside Sales rep who is mainly focused on the German-speaking areas. She has been with Fieldpiece since April 2021 and has enjoyed her time with Fieldpiece so far. We have enjoyed her presence at the office as well, of course.

Nanet was looking for an Inside Sales position when Fieldpiece came onto her path and the company immediately struck her as intriguing. When asked about what motivated her to work for Fieldpiece, Nanet said the following: “I noticed right away that Fieldpiece was focused on something they found important, their heart was in the mission. Fieldpiece has the opportunity to grow and I was excited for something new and to build something from the ground, as they say."

Nanet and Saskia at IKKE cropped

Nanet has been loving her job ever since she joined the team. However, her inside sales position does not mean she only ever spends her time inside, as the title might suggest. From being at exhibitions to joining product trainings, Nanet's job also consists of spending a lot of time with the HVACR professionals. And that’s what she loves about her job. “Customer contact and building relationships is very important to me. People generally assume that inside sales positions mean a behind-the-desk job, but seeing the customers is a big part of the job. It’s the best way to build a lasting relationship and at Fieldpiece, we always aim for meaningful relationships.”

Not only is Nanet focused on our products—her favorite Fieldpiece product is the VPX7 vacuum pump, by the way— but also on spreading the knowledge. It’s what Fieldpiece stands for too: making the HVACR job easier, faster, and better by designing the best products for the HVACR professionals, but also by spreading and learning information about the industry and its professionals.

We are glad to have Nanet on board with us. She brings a lot of energy and motivation to the team and is a joy to be around. Known for her straightforwardness and honesty, Nanet always brings good ideas to the table. We can’t wait to continue our relationship!