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Mark Ingham

Meet the Team: Mark

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

Mark Ingham

In September, we get to talk about Mark! Mark Ingham is our UK and Ireland Sales Manager, and he has worked for Fieldpiece for two years now. Originally, Mark was drawn to the HVACR industry because of his background in engineering and his curiosity toward the technical industry. “At Fieldpiece I get to combine my knowledge in engineering and my passion for sales, which is a really awesome combination for me,” Mark remarks. “I’ve been in the industry for 17 years, but I was immediately intrigued by Fieldpiece when it came onto my path.”

The challenge of growing and developing Fieldpiece as a brand is what motivated Mark to come work for Fieldpiece. The enthusiasm, innovation, and reliability of the organization is what has kept him working here over the past few years. And especially that reliability is important to Mark. “When I’m talking about the reliability of Fieldpiece, I am not just talking about our products. The culture, the company, but also the people are reliable and there truly is a network of support and learning here at Fieldpiece.” Mark says.

And Mark is a big part of Fieldpiece’s team culture. He lives by the golden rule, treat people how you would like to be treated, and it shows in his daily contact with the team and the industry. Always open for conversation with a down-to-earth vibe, Mark proves himself to be committed to the cause and the people. And the people are the best part of his job.

As UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Mark is on the road a lot, visiting HVACR professionals. Driving to customers, interacting with the HVACR technicians, listening to stories from the field, showing people our tools, and telling them about Fieldpiece is what constitutes the perfect day for Mark. “Speaking to guys that have been in the industry for years is awesome because we can show them products that are guaranteed to make their work faster, and their lives easier,” Mark says. “And besides, it’s cool to see people’s minds blown when we show them the benefits of the Fieldpiece tools. It’s especially nice to make a difference in people’s working lives.” He adds.

At Fieldpiece, we are beyond happy to have Mark on our team. With his passion for the industry and the Fieldpiece tools, Mark is always eager to share knowledge—whether that’s with the team or with the HVACR professional. We want to thank Mark for everything he’s done for us, and we cannot wait to see where he brings us in the future.