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Jens Wichmann

Meet the team: Jens

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

Jens Wichmann

Our Regional Sales Manager DACH, Jens Wichmann, is up next for our Meet the Team blog in June. A true social butterfly whose biggest motivation to take the job was the opportunity to get to meet people—from engineers to distributors, every meeting is just as exciting to Jens. Of course, the tools were a close second motivation (dare I say, maybe even a shared first place) for Jens to come work for Fieldpiece.

“I think Fieldpiece’s greatest strength is the premium products and the full attention for the HVACR technician,” Jens explains, “That, paired with a team that believes in the tools and believes in each other, is the perfect combination for a business.” To Jens, Fieldpiece offers technology and innovation like he had never seen before in his career. He gives the new Valve Core Removal Tool as an example of this innovation, with the sight glass integrated on the side to ensure the technician engaged the valve core, as the latest tool he’s most proud of.

In that list of things Jens is most proud of, there’s one thing that immediately comes to his mind. “We were at an exhibition with some of the other DACH sales managers, and we overheard some visitors talk about ‘the cool guys from Fieldpiece’ when they were passing our booth,” Jens explains with a smile on his face, “That means the world to me. It was funny to overhear and it’s nice to see confirmation on the customer satisfaction of our organization.”

Jens loves being at those exhibitions, but his favorite day at work? That’s giving a 6-hour training to a group of technicians. We’re for sure circling back to his love for meeting people and knowing a little bit more about Jens, it makes sense that he loves to be around people. As our designated, and biggest Carnaval fan, it’s in his blood to enjoy talking to (new) people. The Fieldpiece team itself fulfills his joy of talking to people, according to Jens. “Even if you’re not always together in the same room, we still really work together. It’s nice to work with a team that wants to help each other 24/7,” Jens remarks.

At Fieldpiece, we are thankful to have Jens on board with us. With his fun personality and go-getter attitude, he is an important part of the team. We cannot wait to see where Jens will bring Fieldpiece in the future!

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