Group picture Nijmegen March 2022
Eduard Roig

Meet The Team: Eduard

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.
Eduard groot

In February, it’s time to introduce Eduard Roig to the world. Eduard is our Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal. At the time of the interview, Eduard had been working at Fieldpiece for exactly one year and seven days; he is truly all about accuracy and numbers.

Which makes him fit very well within the Fieldpiece brand and team. The challenge of a fast-growing company that’s expanding into a new area, Europe, is what initially drew Eduard to Fieldpiece. Creating awareness and solidifying customers on the market is not an opportunity within every company, but it is at Fieldpiece. Roig mentioned that it feels good “knowing that we are improving someone’s life and work”, which is exactly what Fieldpiece stands for too.

Eduard has been in the HVACR industry his whole life. “HVACR is in my blood and means so much more than people generally think,” he says. “It does not only represent being comfortable in a room, but HVACR also means being in a safe and healthy environment.” From a young student in Spain, to the Sales Manager he is right now, he has always had that passion for this industry.

Fieldpiece caught his attention because the Fieldpiece family of products were unlike anything he had ever seen before. Easier, faster, and better: the three main elements of all Fieldpiece tools. Of course, Roig’s favorite products are all the Fieldpiece products but when asked to pick a specific one, he said the following: “My favorite tools in the Fieldpiece portfolio have to be the Job Link Probes. They’re tools that give the technician freedom and range, as well as portability. The probes are connected to the technician everywhere because your phone, or your SMAN Manifold, is your interface.”

The Fieldpiece team is extremely thankful for Eduard’s presence. With a laser focus and a great attitude, Fieldpiece’s team wouldn’t be the same without Eduard. We are excited to see what Eduard continues bringing to the team and Fieldpiece in the future.