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Arne Kooloos

Meet the team: Arne

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.  
Arne Kooloos

In June, we would like to redirect the attention to the employee who has been here since the start of Fieldpiece Europe: Arne Kooloos. Having worked at Fieldpiece since May 2021, Arne has been around to build and develop the Fieldpiece team to the dynamic, and motivational force it is today.

As Sales Manager with the main focus on the Benelux and the Nordics, Arne spends the majority of his time with those interested in Fieldpiece, those already working with Fieldpiece, and those who are being introduced to Fieldpiece. As a Sales Manager, Arne is on the road a lot, and he considers it a benefit of the job. “I love that every day is a different day. I get to talk with customers, be with the Fieldpiece team, but I also get to go out into the field and talk with the HVACR professionals there. I’m never stuck in a rut or dreading to go to work because of the flexibility of the job,” Arne mentions. His passion for the job is noticeable at the office too; Arne brings a smile to everyone’s face with his infectious good mood. And not to forget, he brings a little extra joy to the office by always showing the team which pair of funky Happy socks he’s wearing to work that day.

The flexibility of the job was not the only reason why he came to work for Fieldpiece though. Arne has experience in the technical industry for over 20 years, but Fieldpiece really grabbed his attention when it came onto his path. “I was immediately convinced of Fieldpiece’s philosophy; listening to the HVACR professionals in the field and basing the tools directly on the professionals’ experiences was a refreshing view to me. Fieldpiece listens to and approaches the market in a very unique way, and I was impressed by the company right off the bat.”

But Arne’s enthusiasm and passion for Fieldpiece is not only rooted in the company values, but also in the way the team works together. When asked about his favorite memory so far during his time at Fieldpiece, Arne mentioned the team get togethers right away. “The Fieldpiece team is young and dynamic, and we are all eager to learn. Everyone on this team has the same mindset: we want to grow, learn, engage, communicate, and become better. It is nice to be a part of something that’s growing to be very big.” Arne says. The team get-togethers are an amazing way of building and connecting the team even more, which is an opinion shared by the entire Fieldpiece team. It’s the first thing Arne mentions too, when he talks to people about his job at Fieldpiece, “it’s an amazing company with an amazing bunch of people.”

Arne is a vital part of the team, expanding and building the brand awareness in the EMEA region while always keeping a smile on his face. Fieldpiece is beyond thankful to have had Arne on the team since the start of Fieldpiece EMEA, knowing that he’s has had a major impact on building and bettering the team every day. We cannot wait to see where Arne will bring us in the future.