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Lydon Staples

Meet the team: Lydon

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

Lydon Staples

In March, we introduce you to Lydon Staples, Regional Sales Manager UK. Since April 2023, Lydon has been a part of the Fieldpiece team but he has known about the Fieldpiece tools for much longer than that. Why, you might wonder? Lydon used to work as an HVACR technician before joining our team as a Sales Manager. And you may have guessed it correctly, not only did Lydon work as an HVACR technician, but he worked with the Fieldpiece tools specifically.

For this reason, Lydon has a unique perspective on the Fieldpiece tools and team. “I was using the Fieldpiece tools for six years as an engineer and I have always loved the quality and the innovative designs,” Lydon explains. “To Fieldpiece, it’s a priority to make tools better for the end-user and to not just simply stick with old designs,” he adds.

Fieldpiece SR47 01228

Lydon’s favorite product in the Fieldpiece family is the refrigerant scale, which is also the last product he purchased as an engineer before taking the job of Regional Sales Manager. He recalls memories of a time when he did not use the Fieldpiece scales and can only think of ‘the remote dragging on the concrete’. The Fieldpiece SR47 has been a refreshing and favorite design of his because of the unique remote storage on the scale.

The Fieldpiece products weren’t the only convincing factor for Lydon to join the team. Kyle Chester-Marsden, an old coworker of Lydon in their engineering days and the Fieldpiece Technical Training Engineer, spoke so greatly of the team that Lydon had to see for himself what the hype was about. And according to Lydon, Kyle was completely right about the Fieldpiece team. “I love the professional setting of Fieldpiece and how everyone is working towards the same goals,” Lydon starts explaining. “but the personal relationships we’ve built in the Fieldpiece team is something very special to me and makes the team very fun to work with.”

And for those that have never had a conversation with Lydon before—highly recommended, by the way—, it’s good to know that Lydon is very fun to work with as well. You can notice it in meetings, when he visits end-users, or when he meets new people at exhibitions: Lydon is passionate about the products and the industry. This passion that flows through every conversation held with Lydon makes for a good time, all the time.