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Offering Solutions with Kleinschmidt

Partner of the Month: Kleinschmidt

In September, we’re going to talk about Kleinschmidt. Located in northern Germany, our newest partner of the month knows all about everything HVACR!

Kleinschmidt Pic

Kleinschmidt is known as a prominent player in the HVACR industry. With a focus on offering solutions for technical applications, Kleinschmidt can help the professionals with all their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, and Kleinschmidt has been helping technicians ever since 1990. And not only do Kleinschmidt’s services include consulting and sales, but they also offer units on loan and repairs and calibration on the products.

High-quality and established products combined with great service, that is what Kleinschmidt stands for. At Fieldpiece, we agree with these values regarding the tools. With products that the technician can trust, they can do their job more efficiently, which is ultimately the goal of Kleinschmidt.

At Fieldpiece, we’re excited to have a partnership with Kleinschmidt. We recognize the goals and values of Kleinschmidt and we align ourselves with them. Thank you to Kleinschmidt for being a great channel partner to us and we cannot wait to see where our partnership will bring us in the future.

A little more background

In our partner of the month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners who we think deserves that extra bit of spotlight that month. A simple note of recognition and thankfulness is at the base of our partner of the month post. Fieldpiece wouldn’t be anywhere without our channel partners and we want to emphasize our gratitude through these posts.