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Joris Geesing

Meet the team: Joris

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

Joris Geesing

There are a few things you notice in an instant when talking to our Regional Sales Manager Benelux, Joris Geesing. The first one is his optimism; no matter the topic of conversation, Joris talks about everything with a smile. The second one is his never-ending enthusiasm about Fieldpiece and his job, his hobbies, and his interest in who is on the other end of the conversation, whether a coworker or a stranger. The last thing that comes with Joris’s first impression is his passion for connecting with others, which makes him a great fit in his role.

As our Sales Manager Benelux, Joris stays busy with visiting end-users and distributors—and sometimes spends some time at the office in Doetinchem. Speaking with those end-users is what he enjoys the most in his role at Fieldpiece. “Connecting with the end-user is my favorite part about my job because I know that our tools make their job so much easier,” Joris says. With a background as a technician in fire safety, Joris loves speaking with the HVACR engineers because he understands how important good and efficient tools are on-site.

“The Job Link app is the best example of how the Fieldpiece tools make the life of the technician so much easier,” Joris explains. “Our philosophy comes together in that one app and it just ensures that technicians can always access the information they need. I know how important accuracy and efficiency are, from my own experience,” he adds. Working for a company that truly puts the end-users' needs first by developing tools that match what is needed in the field, as well as working with a motivated and passionate team are some of Joris’s highlights since he started at Fieldpiece in May 2023.

At Fieldpiece, we are so grateful to have Joris on our team. Always in a good mood, ready to make someone laugh, and curious to see what everyone is up to: Joris radiates positivity and kindness. We can’t wait to see where he brings us next!