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Job Link®

As the leaves fall, Job Link’s® connections stand strong, making all winter jobs a breeze. Fieldpiece’s Job Link system is a robust app used with compatible Fieldpiece tools for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and evaluating HVACR systems. The Job Link® System is designed for you, the HVACR technician, and works with our wireless products to ensure the seamless integration of all the tools. How will Job Link® help you during the winter?

Job Link

Connections is the keyword here. Using the Job Link® system means you only need one system for every job. All the tools in the Job Link® system—such as wireless clamps, wireless probes, wireless digital manifolds, wireless vacuum gauges, and wireless refrigerant scales— are connected to the Job Link® application or the SMAN® Digital Manifold. Through the Job Link® app, you can view real-time, accurate measurements from the Fieldpiece tools hooked up to the HVACR system—from the comfort of your warm van.

And that warm van can be anywhere on site! Because of Job Link’s® 300-meter wireless range, measurements are available in real-time and from anywhere on the job. Especially in winter, we know you’d rather not be in the freezing cold, waiting for your measurements to come in; Job Link® is the perfect solution to avoid the cold as much as possible!

Job Link

And not only can Job Link® easily report all the measurements to you, but you can also report all your measurements quickly and easily to the customer. Generate instant customer reports with a professional look— on-site and within seconds. An automatic invoice option is available for Job Link® users; simply create and send custom invoices with job details from the Job Link® app!

Stay warm and stay connected with Fieldpiece’s Job Link® this winter. Easily access all the information you need from the comfort of your van while staying warm. Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and evaluating HVACR systems has never been so comfortable! Do your job easier, faster, and better with Job Link®.

Reach out to your local distributor to learn more about the Job Link® Fieldpiece tools and how Job Link® will benefit you!