An answer to the question

“But why did you choose the HVACR industry?” I imagine this is a question you—the HVACR technician—are often asked. “Why not electrician or plumber?” Might be the follow up question. Granted, it’s a fair question. Even though the HVACR industry is all around us, we don’t really realize it that often. So, what do you say?

The Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration industry is becoming more important every single day. Contrary to popular belief, HVACR systems are not only used to heat up or cool down spaces. HVACR systems are important for so much more than that—improving the air quality indoors, regulating a comfortable room temperature, and providing filtration and ventilation of the air in the building.

The technician is in charge of the state of these systems. A big responsibility, yes, but also a rewarding one. Seeing the results of your work: from installing the systems to detecting and repairing leaks with the end result: a happy customer. Besides, the work is never boring. As rewarding as it may be, a job can never be satisfactory without the needed challenge. Every job is different, which makes for that extra-rewarding, satisfactory feeling after finishing out your work.

At Fieldpiece, we have designed tools to make this journey easier, faster and better. We have chosen to focus only on the HVACR industry, and not without reason. We’ve put the HVACR technician first together with the quality of our tools. The sole purpose to serve the HVACR industry means that we are never distracted by other industries’ needs or wants. We are not interested in putting tools on the market that don’t benefit the technician, the tool’s only good if it’s the best. Over the last 30 years, we have realized the importance of this specific work and that’s why we are dedicated to improve the tools the technicians are working with.

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Besides the promise we made to the HVACR technicians’ lives easier, faster and better, there’s also another reason why we chose to focus on this industry alone: passion and gratitude.

You do so much for us, we want to do something in return. This gratitude may not be expressed that much, but we think it’s important that we do. The HVACR technician makes all of our lives so much easier. Where would the world be without fast-working heating and cooling systems and the always-improving air quality? In a bad place, that’s for sure.

The passion you have for your job, we have for ours too. And somewhere in this post, we believe you have found your answer to why you work in the HVACR industry. For the same reason we work to make your tools easier, faster and better; to make the customer’s life easier, faster and better too.