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Incredible IDK!

Partner of the Month: IDK

It’s October already? That means it’s time for a new partner of the month! Fieldpiece is highlighting IDK this month. Located in France, IDK has been a specialist of everything HVACR for almost 25 years now. That’s an impressive number, but it’s not the only exciting thing about IDK!


Specialized in HVACR, IDK offers a complete portfolio of everything the technician could need as well as a very knowledgeable IDK team that is always ready to answer any questions regarding the products, the market, and so much more. IDK stands for supplying high-standard products that meet your expectations, and your clients’! With 7 locations in France, IDK is available for in-person visits and they supply all over the country.

We are proud to call IDK our partner of the month in October. With a renowned reputation in France, we are incredibly grateful for IDK to represent Fieldpiece to make sure every HVACR technician can work easier, faster, and better!

A little more background

In our partner of the month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners who we think deserves that extra bit of spotlight that month. A simple note of recognition and thankfulness is at the base of our partner of the month post. Fieldpiece wouldn’t be anywhere without our channel partners and we want to emphasize our gratitude through these posts.