Meet our highlighted partners of the month

Highlighted partners in March

We’re back with a brand-new feature to highlight partners of ours for you to get to know! Every month, we will introduce partners across all regions to make sure you are able to get your Fieldpiece tools easier, faster, and better.


Szenzortechnika KFT

In March, we have two new partners for you to get to know! Szenzortechnika KFT. is located in Hungary and was founded in 1997 with the mission to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations in the gas detection industry. To ensure customer satisfaction, Szenzortechnika KFT strives to continuously develop and improve itself with the use of the technician’s feedback, which is something Fieldpiece values a lot in a partner. Another ingredient in Szenzortechnika’s success recipe is the relationship between partner and customer; not only are the high-quality tools offered top priority, but the relationships built on trust and commitment between the technicians and Szenzortechnika are an active part of their mission. Szenzortechnika’s fast and reliable service, and expertise in the industry, ensures you are in the right place if you are looking for your next best HVACR tools!


Our next partner that we would love for you to get to know is MMFRIO in Portugal. MMFRIO’s mission is very much like Fieldpiece’s: to offer their customers the best technical-commercial solutions for the HVACR industry. With a team of 4 members, all experts in the HVACR industry, they work hard to grow their company and establish themselves as a trusted partner. At Fieldpiece, we value MMFRIO’s passion, commitment, vision, and mission and find ourselves closely aligned with them. MMFRIO’s 350 m2 plant combined with their knowledgeable team and service, ensures that you can always find what you are looking for!

Gienger Haustechnik

Our last highlighted partner of March is located in Memmingen, the south of Germany, and is part of the GC Gruppe. Gienger Haustechnik prioritizes understanding the technician's needs because that information helps them advise on the right tools for each individual. As part of more than 920 locations throughout Germany and Austria, the 20,000+ members of the team are highly trained professionals and know everything and anything about HVACR! At Fieldpiece, we are excited to have such a well-established and knowledgeable partner. For all your HVACR needs, don’t hesitate to visit Gienger Haustechnik!