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Meet our highlighted partners of the month

Highlighted partners in February

We’re back with a brand-new feature to highlight partners of ours for you to get to know! Every month, we will introduce partners across all regions to make sure you are able to get your Fieldpiece tools easier, faster, and better.



In February, we want to show you three partners we greatly appreciate. First up is Galaxair! Galaxair is located in France and has been an important distributor in the HVACR industry since 1983. Not only is Galaxair specialized in supplying the customer with the finest HVACR equipment in the market, the qualified staff also offers trainings and great after-sales support as well. At Fieldpiece, we value Galaxair greatly as our partner. We recognize their knowledge and experience with the HVACR industry and how Galaxair makes sure the HVACR professionals are always satisfied. If you’re located in France and you’re looking for HVACR advice and support, be sure to visit Galaxair!

Beijer REF

The second partner we’d like to highlight is Beijer REF. Located in the Iberia region, Beijer is a prominent company in the HVACR industry with 21 locations all across the region. For over 150 years, Beijer has upheld its promise to provide customers with the best tools for their air conditioning and refrigeration needs. On top of that, Beijer also offers amazing customer support with the Club Beijer initiative where you, as the HVACR-engineer can participate in trainings, discover promotions, access technical information, and much more. Beijer offers great support and service for anyone who is looking for the next best HVACR product!


Last, we’d like to highlight Wasco. With 36 branches located in the Netherlands, Wasco ensures you are always near the best HVACR support and service. As a distributor and Fieldpiece partner, Wasco receives praise for putting the customer first, along every step of the way. Professional, practical, and down-to-earth advice of their 500 000 products in the catalogue is one of the ways in which Wasco ensures the best support for their clients. At Fieldpiece, we enjoy our partnership with Wasco; with the same mission, vision, and goals, we have established a relationship built on trust and honesty. Visit Wasco for your HVACR needs in the future!