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How Fieldpiece Battles Global Warming

Climate change and global warming are topics that we see almost every day in the news. The world has always relied on safe HVACR systems, but the HVACR industry has become more relevant in the light of global warming.
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HVACR and global warming

With climate change becoming more apparent in our daily lives, we rely more and more on an environmentally conscious HVACR industry.

Often, air conditioning units are fueled by electricity and use refrigerant gasses that contribute to global warming. The HVACR industry is a prime contributor to the world heating up and ozone layer depletion. To reduce the effects of air conditioning units, hard work is delivered all over the world to make the HVACR industry more environmentally friendly.

And it’s being done with success. Recently, all businesses that work in this industry have to obtain an F-gas (fluorinated gasses) accreditation. These F-gas regulations make sure to bring down and contain emissions using responsible refrigeration that doesn’t damage the atmospheric ozone layer.

DR58 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector

Fieldpiece tools

Fieldpiece works hard every day to meet and exceed the expectations of the battle against global warming. The Fieldpiece family of products is designed with this in mind. In the HVACR world, there is a current move to the use of R32 refrigerant because it is less harmful to the environment compared to other refrigerants, more energy efficient, safe for everyone involved and cost friendly.

The MR45 Recovery Machine is one of our tools that works with the R32 refrigerant. Besides being an environmentally conscious choice, the MR45 is also a great choice for the technician that loves delivering fast and good work. This recovery machine has an onboard system monitoring that adjusts motor performance to handle liquid and run twice as fast on vapor. On top of that, the MR45 starts and runs easily with lower voltage.

Next on the list of tools that are designed to work with R32 gas are our SM480V/SM380V manifolds. These wireless manifolds, with their rugged and water-resistant designs, are the perfect fit for every technician that wants all the information in the palm of their hand and data log at the same time. All data is shown in a single display and the MR45 automatically calculates the superheating and subcooling which will allow the technician to determine whether the system is running with the right amount of refrigerant or not.

We can also find the DR82/DR58 amongst the environmentally conscious choices within the Fieldpiece family. Our newest detectors can sniff out leaks < 1 g/a (0.03 oz/yr), which in easy language means that these extremely sensitive detectors exceed detection standards so the technician can easily and quickly find and pinpoint leaks. In addition to the precision of the DR82/DR58, they also work in temperatures from -20°C to 40°C and they only trigger on refrigerants and not oil or moisture.

Want to know more?

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