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Congratulations General Gas!

Partner of the month: General Gas

We’re halfway through the year and a new month means a new partner of the month. This June, we’d like to highlight a special partner of ours: General Gas.
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General Gas is located in Italy and has over 40 years of expertise in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. A team of knowledgeable experts is there to help wholesalers, contractors, and end users find the best fit for the tools they need. General Gas strives to live up to their mission, rather than just use it as a slogan, which is something Fieldpiece recognizes too. It is their priority to provide sustainable and efficient solutions for the HVACR industry as the industry continues to evolve and change. This dedication can be found within their customer service, but also their commitment to following quality standards, with facilities such as waste management sites and analytical and testing areas.

Fieldpiece is very grateful to have a committed and dedicated partner like General Gas to promote the Fieldpiece Family in Italy. The quality of the service and pursuit of innovation that is found at General Gas is truly inspiring and makes the company an industry leader. We’re beyond thankful for our partnership with General Gas and we cannot wait to see where this partnership will bring us in the future!

A little more background

In our partner of the month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners who we think deserves that extra bit of spotlight that month. A simple note of recognition and thankfulness is at the base of our partner of the month post. Fieldpiece wouldn’t be anywhere without our channel partners and we want to emphasize our gratitude through these posts.