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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are the four main components of the HVACR industry. Even though this industry is often overlooked, the importance of HVACR cannot be underestimated. Every building you’re in is impacted by some sort of HVACR unit, even if it is not always visible.

The Fundamentals of HVACR

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems are crucial to your health. Without these systems present, the air quality would be far from passable. Ventilation and filtration units ensure that the air circulated in a building is up to the highest standards and is contamination-free.

On top of that, heating and cooling systems make our homes cool during a hot summer day and warm on a snowy day in December. Providing comfort is one of the main goals of the HVACR industry, we want our customer to be healthy and comfortable in all buildings they’re spending time in.

Fieldpiece recognizes the importance of the HVACR industry. We express that importance through our sole purpose to design tools for this specific industry. This way, we ensure that the HVACR technician has their needs met in terms of tools and equipment. We discover their needs through on-going conversations and field-days with the technicians to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Fieldpiece offers a wide range of products and tools that are made for the HVACR technician. This wide range includes only tools that really help the technician in the field. Fieldpiece has vowed to only bring those tools on the market that make a significant difference in the technician’s life, for the better of course.

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To keep our homes warm and cool when needed, and to maintain adequate air quality in all spaces, the technician is in need of certain tools. Leak detectors, vacuum pumps, recovery machines, electrical meters are examples of tools that go into the back of the van.

Our products are designed to make the technician’s life easier. Our Vacuum Pump is a great example of this. Every HVACR technician knows that cleaning out your oil is an—how shall we put it…—inconvenient task. But we all know that clean oil matters. With our RunQuickTM Oil Change System, oil changes can be done in a matter of seconds without powering down or loosing vacuum. We made the tedious task of changing oil an easy task that can be done within seconds.

Another great example is our Recovery Machine which has proven to be the best—and the fastest—recovery machine on the market in this size. With an onboard system monitoring that adjust motor performance to run on liquid or vapor, this machine has greatly reduced the time it takes the technician to recover the refrigerant. The Fieldpiece Recovery Machine is designed to run twice as fast on vapor, compared to other Recovery Machines on the market. Endlessly waiting around for a recovery machine to finish up is no longer necessary.

Fieldpiece is always looking for what the technicians need. And we are proud of that. We wouldn’t be making great tools that really help the technician without knowing what they need. You keep our homes safe, healthy, and comfortable and we’ll make sure you can get the best tools to do your job.