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Partner of the month : Darment Oy

Partner of the month : Darment Oy

Not just our partner of the month, but our partner for life

In our Partner of the Month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners that we believe deserves some extra recognition and spotlight. In September, we have chosen Darment EU as our Partner of the Month.

Darment is based in Helsinki, Finland and is focused on refrigerant, refrigerant accessories, and tools for refrigeration installations. Darment has a wide range of tools and services such as fast and secure deliveries through Europe, product guarantee ranging from 12 to 18 months, and the highly skilled staff members to answer all your questions regarding refrigeration.


Our collaboration with Darment

At Fieldpiece, we are grateful for the collaboration with Darment. Needless to say: we are more than excited to announce Darment as our Partner of the Month in September. Thank you so much for your continued support and trust in the Fieldpiece tools, we are more than thankful for having Darment as our partner.