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It’s almost exhibition time!

Meet us at C&R Madrid

From November 14th through November 17th, we will be at the C&R International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition. This international event in Madrid, Spain marks an important date on our calendar: showing the world of HVACR what Fieldpiece has to offer!

Our mission is to make the life of every HVACR technician easier, faster, and better. We live up to this mission by going out into the field with the HVACR professional to ensure we always stay updated on the latest needs and demands of the industry.

At the C&R, we will be available to talk about our mission, our values, our tools, their benefits, and the HVACR industry with everyone! We are beyond excited to join the C&R with our Fieldpiece team and we cannot wait to make new connections in the HVACR world.

Discover the benefits of the Fieldpiece products in Madrid and be ready for an easier, faster, and better life with the Fieldpiece tools by your side!

Hopefully, we’ll meet you there!