Spotlight on Ahlsell

Partner of the Month: Ahlsell

We’re nearing the end of 2023 but don’t worry, we’re not there yet! We still have another partner of the month to introduce to you all. In November, Ahlsell Sverige Ab is in the spotlight!


Located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, and Poland, Ahlsell Kyl offers a big number of HVACR technicians access to a comprehensive range of products and services related to the HVACR industry. With roughly 7,500 employees, over 300 stores and four central warehouses, Ahlsell strives for one goal every day: to make it easier to be a professional.

Making the life of the technician easier, that is something we strive for at Fieldpiece too. With the impressive presence in the installation area, Ahlsell is always there for its customers. Not only do they offer the best products for all HVACR technicians, but Ahlsell also offers great customer support through their local presence and proximity to their client base.

At Fieldpiece, we’re thankful to have Ahlsell as our partner. With such a large presence over many countries, we are grateful for Ahlsell to represent Fieldpiece to make sure every technician’s life becomes easier (faster & better, too).

A little more background

In our partner of the month feature, we highlight one of our channel partners who we think deserves that extra bit of spotlight that month. A simple note of recognition and thankfulness is at the base of our partner of the month post. Fieldpiece wouldn’t be anywhere without our channel partners and we want to emphasize our gratitude through these posts.