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Europe, Head office based in, NL

Are you excited to help us achieve our mission to make the lives of HVACR technicians easier, faster, and better but you don’t see the job opening you’re looking for? You can apply anyway! At Fieldpiece, we welcome anyone as passionate about transforming the HVACR industry as we are. Are you interested in working for Fieldpiece but you can’t find a position that fits your career goals? We’d love to talk about a potential career for you at Fieldpiece anyway! Open applications are encouraged for any position in outside sales, inside sales, customer service, marketing, etc., because we are always looking for new opportunities and driven people that will bring us one step closer to our goals!

Who are we?

Making the lives of the HVACR technicians easier, faster, and better: that is our mission. To design and improve tools for the technician, we make sure we go out into the field with them to find the latest needs and wants in the HVACR industry. Our brand is built on the commitment to the technician and the dedication always to ensure they have the best tools available to do their job. And with a sole focus on the HVACR industry since 1990, we have continued to develop our products, organization, and people so that all HVACR technicians’ lives become easier, faster, and better!

What do we offer?

- A dynamic team;

- In a fast-growing environment and organization;

- A competitive salary to match your skills;

- Opportunities to develop yourself and your skills;

- And with that, opportunities to develop your career;

- All that in a nice work environment;

That includes enthusiasm, skills, and dedication from an international team: that’s what we’re really proud of!

Your skills

- Honest and ethically sound;

- Proactive attitude;

- Team-oriented;

- Well-organized;

- Able to run multiple projects at the same time;

- Able to make deadlines and manage workflow;

- Able to prepare reports and business communication;

- Strong English communication skills, both written and verbal.

- And passion for our products of course!

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