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Bas Kamermans

Bas Kamermans

Meet our Managing Director EMEA, Bas Kamermans. Since January 2021, Bas has been the driving force behind building and establishing the brand that Fieldpiece is today with a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and honor. His favorite thing about Fieldpiece? The tools that are truly made to benefit the HVACR technician. 

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Bas Kamermans

Managing Director EMEA

With a background in:

Over the past 21 years, Bas worked in both Mechanical Engineering and General Management. During this time, he developed a mix of business savvy and a deep appreciation for technology, especially in challenging industrial settings.

Passionate about:

Building high performing teams.

Would love to:

Grow the business and team even faster.

Wants you to know:

He's extremely enthusiastic being the Managing Director at such a great company, with great people, and with such an awesome product!

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Contact here: [email protected]

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