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Meet our highlighted partners of the month

Highlighted partners in January

We’re back with a brand-new feature to highlight partners of ours for you to get to know! Every month, we will introduce partners across all regions to make sure you are able to get your Fieldpiece tools easier, faster, and better.

Partnership Lightzone
In January, it’s time to introduce you to Fontia, Le Froid, and Robert Schiessl GmbH.

Fontia Damaplast

Fontia Damaplast is located in the Iberia region and has been operating in the HVACR industry since 1996. Fontia’s goal is to provide the best tools in the industry, all while working promptly to ensure the customer has the tools available when needed. And with a specialized, technical customer service department, Fontia offers the best advice and support for anyone who is looking for the next best HVACR tool.

Le Froid

Le Froid has 53 locations spread across Europe with two central warehouses in Lyon, France and Barcelona, Spain. Le Froid’s mission is to provide the customer with the best possible products that suit their needs all while guaranteeing high-quality service to make the customer happy. With more than 18,000 products in stock and over 50,000 m² of warehouse space, Le Froid is always available to meet the customer’s wants and needs. On top of that, Le Froid is able to deliver to customers within 24 hours, regardless of city or location, for those that want the best HVACR products.

Robert Schiessl GmbH

Robert Schiessl GmbH has been an HVACR favorite for over 100 years and is located in Germany. With over 400 employees across all branches, Schiessl ensures commitment and dedication to meet the high expectations of customers. Schiessl maintains high standards in the HVACR industry to ensure that every professional can work with the best tools in the market. And not only does Schiessl offer great tools, but the company also has high-quality customer service that is 24/7 available through the MySchiessl app to make the lives of professionals easier and more efficient.