Team meeting

Meet the Team: Bas

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better. 

Bas Kamermans

In November, we sat down to talk with Bas Kamermans. As the General Manager of the EMEA region, Bas is the driving force behind building and establishing the brand that Fieldpiece is today. Since January 2021, his goal has been to show every HVACR technician the Fieldpiece tools to make their work easier, faster, and better.

When Bas talks about Fieldpiece, the first noticeable thing is the continuous enthusiasm on his face. You can see and feel the motivation, passion, and honor Bas has for the organization. “Working for an organization where I can truly make an impact on someone’s daily life was the very first thing that inspired me to come work for Fieldpiece,” he explains. “Once I discovered the benefits of the tools, I was completely determined to take on this challenge in the EMEA region,” Bas adds. The tools stand out because Fieldpiece has a sole focus on the industry so the Fieldpiece team always knows what the technician in the field needs—which is also one of the core strengths of Fieldpiece, according to Bas.

But another core strength of Fieldpiece that Bas talked about is not the Fieldpiece products themselves, but who is behind the scenes of the Fieldpiece brand: the Fieldpiece team. “This organization stands out because of the people that work here,” Bas starts to explain. “I would say we kind of have an all-star team: everyone has their strengths and together, it makes for a passionate and driven team where everyone has a smile on their face,” Bas further explains with—you may guess— a smile on his face.

Bas is a big part of why the Fieldpiece team works as well as it does. Every day is a perfect day working for Fieldpiece to Bas. This motivation and joy in his work can be felt through every interaction with Bas and his presence at the office always ensures a good—but hardworking time; it’s the perfect balance.

For the future, Bas is excited about a couple of things. Getting to know the industry even better and showing the industry how the Fieldpiece tools can truly help them are among the top three things Bas can’t wait for. “And on top of my list of things I’m most excited for? Well, that would be two awesome new products that we will be releasing soon…” Bas ends with a wink.

Bas captures everything that Fieldpiece stands for perfectly: driven, passionate, motivated, curious, helpful, and committed. At Fieldpiece, we couldn’t thank Bas enough for the work he puts in to ensure every HVACR professional can do their job easier, faster, and better. We can’t wait to see where Bas will bring Fieldpiece in the future!