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A relationship to nourish

Before using the tools or signing a partnership, it’s important to know who Fieldpiece is and what we have to offer. We understand all too well that nothing is more important than the relationship between technician & brand, technician & distributor, and distributor & brand.

The last one is the focus of today’s post. The relationship between distributor and Fieldpiece is one we keep close and choose to maintain every single day. It’s important to us that you know who we are and what we have to offer. Knowing what we sell and knowing what’s at our core is a big difference, and it matters.

Fieldpiece was founded in the 1990s in California. The typical “international business started in a garage” story is also what happened to us. Through our sole focus on the HVACR industry, and our commitment to make the life of the technician easier, faster and better, we have grown into an HVACR powerhouse.

And even while being an international player in the field, we have never lost that focus we once started with. Still dedicated to the same mission, we’re here to help the technician. The tools we develop are designed with that mission in mind.

The Fieldpiece products out on the market are products that we believe actually help the industry develop and grow. We don’t believe in launching tools that are not designed to make the technician’s life easier, faster and better. There’s simply no need to. So, every day, we look for opportunities to improve our tools or innovate tools that are not in our portfolio yet.

At the same time, this is also what we have to offer. A dedicated brand, committed to the HVACR industry only, with no other mission than to help the technician. We are a true partner to the HVACR industry and because of that, we’re able to maintain, nourish, and grow our relationship; the relationship we want to have with the distributor and technician alike.