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Experience with Fieldpiece Products:

Thermo King Transportkoeling

Hearing back from the HVACR industry is important for us. What do technicians need in the field? How can the Fieldpiece tools improve? What is the experience with the Fieldpiece tools?
Rotterdam grijze poorten 3

Fieldpiece is dedicated to make the lives of the technicians easier, better, and faster; honest and candid opinions of our products are vital for this process. Clima Direct and Thermo King Transportkoeling are companies based in The Netherlands. Clima Direct is one of Fieldpiece’s channel partners and came to us to talk about a very pleased customer of theirs, Thermo King Transportkoeling. With 10 workshops, this corporate dealer of Thermo King’s transport refrigeration units (TRU’s) is dedicated to delivering smart, proactive maintenance and installation, consistent service quality, and rapid response times.

Our channel partner Clima Direct advised Thermo King Transportkoeling to try out the Fieldpiece tools, specifically our recovery machine (MR45) and our vacuum pump (VPX7). These tools are especially relevant for the daily activities Thermo King Transportkoeling performs when maintaining and solving problems of their customers TRU’s. It is vital that the refrigerant is recovered quickly and safely when working on refrigeration units of trailers, trucks and vans. The Fieldpiece vacuum pump and recovery machine were the first products that came to mind when Thermo King Transportkoeling was looking for a solution for the time-consuming process of refrigerant recovery.

“At Thermo King Transportkoeling, we will start using the Fieldpiece products more and more as an addition to or as a replacement of our current tools,” Marvin Louwerens, workshop leader in Rotterdam, explains. “The MR45 and VPX7 immediately helped our technicians in terms of: cleanliness, easiness of usage and the reduced time spent on the job – thus saving money and improving performance whilst using the Fieldpiece products.“

At Fieldpiece, we love hearing back from both the HVACR technician and our channel partners. We love it even more when the experience exceeded the expectations, and we hear that we’ve made another HVACR technician’s life easier. Thermo King Transportkoeling’s honest review reassured us that we are meeting the industry’s demands and improving the life of the technicians. And that’s what it’s all about at Fieldpiece.