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In 1990 Fieldpiece was born with the development of the HS24 stick meter. Fieldpiece grew and soon, technicians all over the world wanted to work with our tools.

Fast forward to 2017, when we expanded our global presence to Europe by opening our European Head Office and European Warehouse. We are now with a team of fifteen professionals, dedicated to the EMEA (European, Middle Eastern and Asian) market. With this team, head office and warehouse we are able to satisfy the needs of our European customers.

Taking care of your orders 24/7

In 2021, we established our warehouse at a strategic location in order to guarantee a faster and smoother supply chain. The new warehouse is located in the Netherlands near the German Border. Here, it has a direct link to the Rotterdam harbor and is close to the main European logistic infrastructure.

With advanced state-of-the-art management systems at the new warehouse, Fieldpiece ensures all storage and logistics run smoothly. These systems provide 24/7 real time information on the availability of our products, allowing us to control all of our inventory and shipments.

This way, we can assure you the most accurate and swift delivery!