VPX7 Vacuumpump

Truth or Myth?

VPX7 470x470 10

Ah, our favorite activity is back! Like in our previous blog post, we’re back to play another round of Truth or Myth. In Truth or Myth, we give you a couple of details about one of our products or the Fieldpiece brand and it’s up to you to determine whether these are truths or myths.

The product in the spotlight today is the VPX7 Vacuum Pump. Vacuum Pumps are essential in the HVACR industry and the process of maintenance and repairing of AC units. Any other gasses and all moisture will be evacuated out, ensuring that only the refrigerant runs through the system. Without a proper vacuum, your unit won’t cool—and thus last—long.

Here's some statements about the VPX7 Vacuum Pump. Did you get the answers right?


You can change the oil in about two minutes


Myth! Our RunQuick Oil System ensures a 20 second oil change: the fastest in the industry.

Oil can be changed without losing vacuum

Truth! Even when it’s running, the oil can be changed without losing vacuum.

The VPX7 is only built for jobs inside

Myth! Because of its water resistance to withstand direct rain and its backlit oil reservoir, the VPRX7 is built for any job in any weather condition.

The ultimate vacuum is 15 microns

Truth! And with the RunQuick Oil System changing the oil has never been easier, faster or better; and clean oil ensures the ultimate vacuum.