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Kyle Chester-Marsden

Meet the team: Kyle

In our Meet the Team special, we want to show you who is behind the brand of Fieldpiece EMEA. Every month, we will highlight one of our Fieldpiece members for you to get to know better.

It’s April! That means it’s time to introduce another member of the Fieldpiece team to you. This month, we’re highlighting Kyle Chester-Marsden. Kyle is our technical sales engineer based in the United Kingdom and has been a part of the Fieldpiece team for a little over 5 years now.

The Fieldpiece brand is all about really helping the HVACR professional and Kyle sees that reflected in his job every day. “My favorite thing about my job is teaching people in general.” Kyle mentions right away. “As a technical sales engineer at Fieldpiece, my job is all about teaching the products to HVACR professionals and helping them see and understand the value of our products.”

And Kyle is the one to talk about what it means to have tools that really help in the field. Having started out as an HVACR professional in the field himself, he understands the needs of the customers like no other. “From a technical standpoint, I use my experiences from the field along the entire journey with the customer; from what they need from our products to after sales care, and helpful content on social media.”

Having always been a part of the HVACR industry, working for Fieldpiece was the perfect opportunity for Kyle to continue his career. Working for a brand Kyle really sees the value in was most important in his journey for a job outside of the field. Fieldpiece caught his attention as a “loyal, smart, and innovative HVACR powerhouse”, as were his words. Right now, our technical sales engineer is working hard to establish and further solidify the position of Fieldpiece in his region.

At Fieldpiece, we are beyond thankful to have such a knowledgeable engineer on our team. Kyle truly knows everything about the HVACR industry, everything about Fieldpiece, and is passionate about everything he does in his day-to-day job. We cannot wait to see what Kyle will continue on bringing to the Fieldpiece team in the future, but we expect it’ll be nothing less than the best from our best.